Q: What is the youngest age of your students?
A: While five is the youngest age for some instruments, we do have some teachers of violin and piano who do private lessons for 4 year olds. Art classes are available for children starting at age nine.

Q: What if I’m an adult beginner, or an advanced musician or artist?
A: We believe that you just need a willingness to learn in order to study with us. The absolute beginner, whether child or adult, is welcomed here and can feel at ease knowing that they will not be overwhelmed while learning at their speed and ability in the customized private music lessons, or small, age appropriate Art classes. Intermediate and advanced players and artists will find instructors equal to the task of guiding them through more sophisticated musical instruction. This is the place for players and artists who wish to learn more about the language of art & music, to seek a higher level of expression through artistic & musical knowledge and new approaches to playing and developing their art.

Q: What are your fees?
A: See our Fees page for complete details.

Q: Do you offer Family Rates if parents and/or multiple children attend the Academy?
A: The registration fee paid when you sign up for lessons annually is $20 for the first family member and $5 for each additional household student. The monthly lesson fees paid directly to teachers for multiple household family students taking 30 minute weekly music lessons drops from $100 to $96/ family student, and the two-hour weekly Art classes charge $24 less per month for the 2nd and 3rd students.

Q: Can I take more than one type of lesson?
A: Absolutely. The fees for a student taking multiple lessons are similar to family rates, so that if you take two or more 30 minute time slots, the monthly lesson fee drops from $100/month to $96/month to each teacher, and your one annual registration fee gives you access to enroll in multiple lessons.

Q: Can I play music with a group?
A: As we teach a large range of instruments and voice, covering all styles, we offer chances for students to play together either in ensemble classes or “jam sessions” organized by teachers, as they can reserve our Performance Hall (with both grand and upright pianos on stage, and the teachers can set up other equipment and drum kits according to the program). Students are also encouraged to participate in recitals, and our teachers are free to arrange various combinations of classical ensembles and popular music bands. Larger shows are held at other venues, such as the Thomas Center.

Q: What happens if I have to end my lessons?
A: Adult students or parent/guardians of minors are only responsible for fees covering the “30 day notice” requirement; you’re not signing up for semesters or a full year at a time, as in other schools.

Q: What happens if I have to miss a lesson during the September – May Season?
A: Just as with dance or sports programs, your teacher is paid to be there for you on the assigned weekly day and time, and, while not required to “make-up” missed lessons, we all try to work with our students if possible, and within reason. Make up lessons can be scheduled on Zoom.

Q: What about summer vacations?
In the summer months of June, July, and August, we work with students to make up missed lessons for 1 to 3 week vacations. We only ask for a couple of weeks notice to help your individual teachers make arrangements. Missed lessons can be scheduled on Zoom.

Q: What about holidays?
A: We are closed Labor Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving weekend and similar winter break and spring break schedule as the Alachua County School Calendar. Our flat monthly fee generally balances out with as many months containing 5 lesson dates as months with a holiday, to yield an average of 4 lessons/month throughout the full year. This is another way we have been able to reduce fees for these highly qualified teachers, increasing community access to them. For more information regarding the yearly schedule please refer to the Calendar page.

Q: I have an irregular schedule, can I still take classes?
A: We have options to accommodate unusual or irregular schedules. Contact us and we will try to make arrangements with a teacher who can work with your availability. Visit the Contact Us page or call us at 352-372-8004.

Q: Do the teachers come to the house?
A: Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced instructors who use the advantages of our facility and their own equipment to enhance their lessons. At the Academy’s facility, each teacher has at their disposal a huge library of music, videos, computer programs and art supplies. Most importantly, we work together to integrate concepts and material so that a lesson plan utilizing the combined knowledge of the entire faculty is waiting for you without wasting time to set up for lessons.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: As we operate as a large co-op, you are paying each teacher individually, therefore we accept personal checks, cash or money-orders.

Q: Do you have gift certificates?
A: Yes. They come in increments of one month (based on 4 weekly lessons per month) + one annual registration fee, and can usually be delivered to you quickly. Contact us for further details.

Q: Is the Academy handicap accessible?
A: Yes.

Still have questions?

If you didn’t find the answer to your question here, please either complete the inquiry form on the Contact Us page or email us at 4bwork@bellsouth.com .