Kimberly Peterson

Kimberly Peterson has her Master’s degree in Vocal Performance from the University of Memphis.  She has been teaching privately for 20 years.  Kim teaches all styles of music, including Pop, Country, Rock, Broadway, Classical, and Gospel/Contemporary Christian.  Her performers sing all over Alachua county and surrounding areas.  Kim believes that students should not only learn how to sing properly, but should go out and perform as much as possible.  Because of this, she hosts over 4 shows per year for her students. Kim’s students perform in themed shows, such as a GLEE! Tribute show, a 50’s show, and a Beatles show just to name a few.  She takes groups of students to perform @ Disney World, as well as attend Master classes with actual Disney performers. Kim’s students compete in local and national talent shows, including American Idol.  Her singers perform in musicals, sing with live bands, and perform at community service events.  Kim also works closely with a local state of the art recording studio, where her students record solo CDs.